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Barbara Rozgonyi to Present Global Social Media Marketplace eCommerce Trends at ITC eComConnect Days

An International Trade Centre event explores driving global connection and growth via marketplaces. Barbara Rozgonyi presents optimizing social media.

eCommerce growth is exploding. According to a recent Shopify report, in the US in 2020, eCommerce sales grew as much as 10 years time in three months. What’s going on in global marketplaces? eComConnect Days, presented by the International Trade Centre, explores the growing role of marketplaces as hubs that drive global connection and growth for small businesses. Barbara Rozgonyi will present a session: “E-Commerce Lab: What to Expect in Social Media Marketplaces” on October 7. For more information and to register, visit

International Trade Centre is a multilateral agency that has a joint mandate with the World Trade Organization and the United Nations through the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. 

ecomConnect Days 2021 Experience Highlights

  • Conversations: debates on how marketplaces can become more inclusive, particularly in developing and least developed countries
  • eCommerce strategy: practical workshops with digital experts
  • Success Stories: interviews with entrepreneurs who run global and regional marketplaces
  • Networking: events and an intuitive leadership session
  • Live music: Vivian Yang Li, erhuist

“Marketing is moving at hyper-speed right now. If you’re not in the race, you’re lost. To be competitive, you need to employ the latest strategies – and they can change in a minute. Thanks to ITC for the incredible opportunity to contribute in a small way to driving global eCommerce success! It’s an incredible honor to present on the global stage“

Barbara Rozgonyi

E-Commerce Lab: What to Expect in Social Media Marketplaces Game Plan

In her session, Ms. Rozgonyi will present up-to-the-minute trends, tools, tips, and strategies for global eCommerce entrepreneurs who want to attract attention, build their brand, drive traffic and click with customers.

  • Trends to Follow Right Now 
  • 4DPR Framework to Merge Social Media with Marketplaces
  • Best Practices for Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shopping Sales
  • Mapping Social Media Traffic to Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces 
  • Resources: Passport to Social Media +  Marketplace Success

Barbara Rozgonyi leads CoryWest Media, a creative marketing communication consultancy that attracts attention, builds brands, and connects communities. Named after Barbara’s mother and grandmother, CoryWest Media inspires innovation as it fuels growth. Barbara is an international trends speaker, digital marketing advisor, and sales leadership guide. With future vision, Barbara began publishing her top-ranked blog, wiredPRworks, in 2006. An early social media advocate, Barbara founded Social Media Club Chicago in 2008. Her social media marketing trends podcast, Growing Social Now, launched in 2021. She serves on the National Speaker Association Carolinas Chapter’s board of directors as VP Marketing and lives in Charlotte, NC. Contact Barbara via . . .


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